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Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services in Massachusetts for over 30 years! 
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Waltham Pest Control has been servicing Massachusetts homes and businesses for over 30 years and we've built our business on two words Quality and Commitment.  Call Today 781-893-2146

Waltham Pest Control has been providing professional pest extermination and control services for over 30 years to home owners and business owners throughout Massachusetts. We are conveniently located at 97A Cambridge Street in Burlington, MA and we service residential and commercial clients throughout Greater Boston Massachusetts.

Some of the Massachusetts pest we control and exterminate are: Carpenter Ants : Termites : Bees, Wasps & Hornets : Bed Bugs : Mosquitos : Ticks : Fleas  Centipedes Millipedes Earwigs : Silverfish : Spiders : Confused Flower Beetle : Indian Meal Moth : Crickets : Roaches : Rodents Mice : Rats : Nuisance Animal Control : Skunks Raccoons : Squirrels : Birds : Indian Meal MothsContact Us

  • Licensed and Insured Pest Control Technicians     
  • Trained Pest Control and Extermination Professionals     
  • Cost Effective Pest Treatment & Pet Treatment Programs     
  • Integrated Pest Management Solutions (IPM)
  • Commercial Pest Control Services
  • Green Pest Control Services

Waltham Pest Control provides commercial pest control services to businesses throughout Massachusetts. Over the past 30 years we have provided commercial pest control solutions to many different industries including: Property Management, Apartments & Condominiums, Health Care Industry, Hospitality Industry - Hotels and Motels, Food Services Industry, Retail Industry, Schools and Transportation Industry.

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