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Green Pest Control Programs – Organic Pest Control in MA

Pest control is typically associated with deadly poisons and noxious chemicals. Waltham Pest Control understands that there are healthier ways to control pests and protect the environment. By embracing a Green (Organic) Pest Control Solution along with Integrated Pest Management practices and, when necessary, applying pest control solutions in effective and measured doses, we eliminate pests while helping to reduce waste and pollution.

What does organic or green pest control entail?

These days, a lot of individuals are worried about how their actions will affect the environment in which they live and work. They are looking for further natural and organic things for their home in addition to eating organic food and utilizing natural cleaning. Customers are also looking for environmentally conscious home services. Safer pest control for the home and business is one of these services that is now receiving a lot of attention. Some forward-thinking pest management companies like Waltham Pest Control offer a more ecologically friendly pest control services in response to the increased demand for this kind of service.

Organic or Non-Chemical Pest Control

Waltham Pest Control (upon request) has the ability and experience to provide you with an organic or non-chemical or pesticide free pest control solution.

The components of our Organic Pest Control include:

  • Organic Pest Control Services
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Sanitation
  • Proper Handling Techniques
  • Exclusion
  • Non-chemical Control

Non-toxic indoor pest control for homes or houseplants can prevent indoor pests such as: ants, fruit flies, and roaches. Indoor pest control products can be used anywhere inside a home: houseplants, kitchens, pantries, and even all the nooks and crannies.

In addition organic pest control is perfect for use in the vegetable garden. By not using pest control chemicals in the garden you will feel good about the food you eat, and know that it is safe by using non-toxic garden pest control products.

Keep an eye out for these garden pests: squash bugs, Japanese beetles, cucumber beetles, spider mites, aphids, tomato hornworms, cabbage loopers, cats, rabbits, slugs, snails, fire ants, deer, moles, and squirrels.

Whether you have little black or brown ant house ants or pavement ants, they are all annoying.  An organic pest control approach can also deter ants out of the home, lawn and garden. Natural ant control products are safer pest control alternatives.

The Green Approach to Pest Control

The practice of Integrated Pest Management requires a healthy knowledge of pests, their lifecycle and breeding habits. By knowing what conditions keep pests away, we are able to create an environment that is not inviting to pests in the first place. This approach reduces the need for pesticides and reflects our commitment to maintaining a responsible and environmentally thoughtful way of keeping pests at bay.

In some cases infestations are at such a level that it becomes necessary to administer pesticides. In these cases, Waltham Pest Control provides careful and judicious application designed to reduce exposure to anything except the targeted pests. Waltham Pest Control also uses the right chemical for the right application making sure that any chemical use is effective and targeted.

Staying Green Pest Control

Even after pesticide application, other methods of Integrated Pest Management can be administered in order to prevent re-occurrence of the pests. These may include:

  • Trapping
  • Screens
  • Caulking
  • Door Sweeps
  • Other Exclusion Materials

Next Steps for Green Pest Control Treatment in Massachusetts

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Green Pest Control Services
Green Pest Control Services

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