Black House Ants

Black House Ants in Massachusetts

Black house ants can be a major problem for homeowners in Massachusetts. If you have black ants or flying ants in your home, you may need to call a professional pest control company. Waltham Pest Control has been providing black house ant pest control and extermination services for over 40 years.

Waltham Pest Control specializes in the removal and extermination of Black House Ants

There are many different DIY options for treatment and removal, but unfortunately, most of them are ineffective and frustrating. Sometimes what you’re really paying us for is our knowledge and experience. We don’t necessarily have products that are stronger or more lethal than what you’ll buy at the store. In fact, many homeowners will over use a product and use it where it doesn’t need to be used, thereby subjecting themselves and their family to pesticide exposure. Sometimes their family ends up exposed more than the ants! Usually we do a treatment called a ‘crack & crevice’ treatment inside structures. We don’t put anything out wafting around in the air. We use special equipment that allows us to lay a bead of liquid product along places like where the baseboard meets the floor. The product almost completely wicks back in under the baseboard making it very hard for anyone to contact our product except the ants. We use a combination of liquid products and gel type baits, both injected into cracks and crevices so that the ants will be treated, but surfaces we use won’t be.

Odorous house ant extermination services throughout Burlington, MA and surrounding towns, call Waltham Pest Control

Waltham Pest Control can solve your black ant problem quickly and easily, by identifying where the ants are coming from and treating the source, in addition to other problem areas. Using our proven methods and products, we can exterminate your (black house ants) quickly and effectively, without too much interruption to your home. We have the experience to solve you’re ant problem with minimal effort on your part. Don’t let these tiny ants get the best of you. Call us today to discuss the issue and schedule an appointment.

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