Squirrel Control in Massachusetts

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Waltham Pest Control provides squirrel control services to home owners throughout Greater Boston Massachusetts. If you and your family are bothered by nuisance squirrels, call Waltham Pest Control today for a free estimate to control nuisance squirrels.
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About Squirrels

The Eastern Gray Squirrel is the dominant squirrel found in Massachusetts. It prefers to live inside trees, but will construct large nests of leaves right within the branches of the trees if a cavity is not available. An average of two to three blind, hairless young make up a litter. Litters are produced once or twice a year, in February and March and again in July through September. The young are weaned at eight or nine weeks, when their previously protective mother abandons them. In September, yearlings and some adults venture out to establish their own territories. This process called the “fall reshuffle.” Eastern Gray Squirrels live only 11-12 months on average, but some individuals have survived more than ten years in the wild. Factors affecting survival include the severity of winter, abundance of food, and parasites. One parasite, the mange mite, may cause enough hair loss to threaten survival through winter.

Squirrel Removal Techniques

Because they are so abundant, removal of squirrels can be challenging however, the good news is that there are many removal methods available. One method is to alter their habitat. We can wrap sheet metal around the base of a tree where they live in order to keep them from being able to climb that tree. We can also remove their habitat by trimming branches or by totally removing their nests. Trapping is one of the most preferred methods of eliminating a squirrel problem. Lastly, we always have the option of toxicants or fumigation.