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Although mosquitoes are small, they’re carriers for certain diseases and they soon become irritating when they infiltrate your yard. Because of this, using a mosquito pest control service in Eastern MA is often necessary. At Waltham Pest Control, we help people living throughout Metro-West, Boston, and other parts of Eastern MA defeat their mosquito problem.

Signs of mosquitoes

If mosquitoes are a problem around your property, you’ll soon know. Their bites result in itchy bumps that start to scab over when you scratch them too heavily. In some cases, you may notice them flying around in large numbers.

Why mosquito pest control in Eastern Massachusetts is necessary

When they’re at their best, mosquitoes are pests that don’t allow you to remain comfortable in your yard. They’re most likely to bite in the early evening through to sunrise, which makes using your outdoor spaces tricky. Their bites soon amount to itchy welts, which you may find difficult to ignore.

Unfortunately, mosquito-borne diseases do occur in Massachusetts. The CDC has reported cases of Western Nile Virus and encephalitis. Their symptoms range from flu-like aches and pain through to serious cases of meningitis. Because of this, using a mosquito pest control service in Boston, MA, is a way to keep your household safe.

How mosquito pest control works

At Waltham Pest Control, our approach to tackling mosquitoes involves using a one-time treatment that provides protection for four weeks. Our customers choose to use this service during peak mosquito season, which is usually from June through to August but can be weather-dependant in other months. In addition to our one-time treatment, we offer a seasonal program that involves us returning to your property to re-apply the solutions we use.

Mosquito Treatment

Although eliminating mosquitoes completely from your yard is next to impossible, there is a solution to reduce their population. First, let’s set up a prevention program to control mosquitoes before they really get started. To do this you would need to make sure you are storing water cans upside down, draining flowerpots frequently, keeping pet dishes fresh, changing birdbath water weekly and not allowing water to collect around your yard and home. It is also important for you to keep your gutters clean, fix leaky pipes, keep grass cut short and shrubbery well trimmed around the house, so adult mosquitoes will not hide there, cover trash containers to keep out rainwater, and drill holes in bottom of trash containers so any water can drain out. We must make sure we eliminate larvae in standing water sites around your property. Next is adult mosquito treatment which will provide immediate relief from these pesky insects. Waltham Pest Control can provide you with a one time mosquito treatment which can give you up to four weeks of relief or a seasonal program with recurring applications to prevent and reduce mosquito throughout the season.

How you can keep mosquitoes away from your property

One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from your property is to remove stagnant areas of water. Mosquitoes thrive in settings such as old pet bowls full of water, puddles, and dis-used pools. Additionally, you may want to try using citronella candles outdoors as their citron-based scent prevents most mosquitoes from flying too close. We also recommend wearing loose and light clothing, as mosquitoes prefer dark colors to light. Finally, try applying products such as DEET with at least 30 to 50% strength.

If you do experience the signs of a mosquito-borne disease, please see a physician for further advice.

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