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Waltham Pest Control provides centipede pest control services for outside and inside treatment of your home. Centipedes can be found in your basement, attic, garage or even in your living space. If you have centipedes in your home call Waltham Pest Control located in Burlington, MA today and we will provide you with a free estimate to control centipedes in your home.

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About House Centipedes

House Centipedes can be found almost everywhere in the world.  Some species have evolved to live on coastlines or riverbanks; others have adapted well to caves. And while the surrounding climate may be dry as a bone, centipedes themselves remain in moist micro-habitats, such as leaf litter and logs, in order to survive.

Centipedes depend on moist habitats in large part because their exoskeleton lacks a waxy covering, resulting in constant water loss. House centipedes eat smaller insects in and around your home, including spiders and flies and in some cases even roaches. House centipedes are harmless and they don’t bite or sting. While they look frightening and can run really fast, they come out mostly at night and live in hidden spots like the basement, damp closets, bathrooms and crawlspaces. They do not live in drains or pipes, but are often seen crawling in and around these areas. If you suspect that you have a true house centipede infestation call Waltham Pest Control for a centipede control estimate.

House Centipede Identification

House centipedes are generally no longer than about 1 1/2 inches. They have 15 pairs of long legs which enable them to run quickly. They are grayish and yellow in color. Another type of centipede, simply known as a centipede, should not be confused with house centipedes. They live mostly outside and are brownish-orange and can grow up to 6 inches in desert areas like Texas. House centipedes do not grow that large.

If centipedes really bother you then consider taking some steps to limit the moisture level in your home, which will in turn decrease the amount of centipedes. Improve the ventilation and humidity levels in your home by checking the humidity setting on your furnace to make sure it is set to the proper level. For an extreme moisture situation, you may want to purchase a dehumidifier to keep in your basement to decrease the moisture and humidity levels. Other tips for limiting centipedes include: moving woodpiles and compost piles away from your home by at least a few feet and fixing any plumbing leaks around the home.