Bat Control in Massachusetts

Humane Bat Inspection and Removal Services in MA

Waltham Pest Control provides residential and commercial bat inspection and control services. We work with both residential and commercial bat removal customers.

Our animal removal services include humane live animal trapping and pest control services.

We have been providing bat inspection and bat removal in MA for over 40 years. When you call The Original Waltham Pest Control, we will schedule a bat inspection with one of our trained animal removal technicians who will determine exactly what removal method will be most effective.

Please Note: There has been a recent change in bat removal protocols in Massachusetts.

MassWildlife has adopted the general protocols outlined in the “Acceptable Management Practices for Bat Control Activities in Structures” which is a product of the White-nose Syndrome National Plan.

In the absence of a public health threat (i.e. a bat found in the bedroom of a baby or non-verbal person), lethal removal of bats is not allowed by Problem Animal Control (PAC) agents in Massachusetts.  Bats may only be removed from homes, or other structures, through non-lethal methods (i.e. exclusionary or eviction methods) in the spring during the month of May (preferably the first half of May), and in the late summer and fall during the months of August through October.

Excluding adult bats from structures in June and July will result in the death of their flightless young. Evicting bats from structures at this time also increases the risk of adult and orphaned young entering the living space, heightening the risk of human/bat contact and potentially rabies exposure.  Also, decomposing dead bats cause foul odors which in some cases infiltrates the living quarters.

Similarly, in the absence of a public health threat, excluding or removing bats from structures may not occur during the winter months if there is a history or evidence of winter bat activity in the building. Bats that are removed and released will die outdoors in the winter, and closing off openings will trap bats in their hibernation space, leading to increased risks of some bats entering the living space resulting in human/bat contact, and death of other bats that cannot escape.

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